Daily development snapshots of netCDF are available on Unidata web/FTP site.

Howdy all!

For those developing with the netCDF C/C++/Fortran libraries, who may
wish to remain very up to date, daily snapshots of the netCDF-3 and
netCDF-4 distributions can be found on the Unidata web site.

For the netCDF-3 snapshot, see:

For the netCDF-4 snapshot, see:

They are also available from the Unidata netCDF downloads page:

These snapshots are provided for testing software against future
netCDF versions. Most users of netCDF should use the latest stable
release (3.6.2), available from the netCDF home page:

These snapshots are for software developers, not scientists. If you
are reading or writing netCDF data files for scientific purposes
please use the latest stable netCDF release.

The snapshots are produced during the daily testing cycle which runs
each night on Unidata computers. Each snapshot is produced only if the
tests have successfully completed on the main netCDF development
machine (a Linux box with GNU compilers).


Ed Hartnett

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