netCDF operators NCO version 3.1.9 are ready

The netCDF operators NCO version 3.1.9 are ready. (Homepage) (Homepage "mirror")

Release 3.1.9 contains new ncea/ncecat features,
new ncap2 features, configure support for AIX, and RPMs with ncap2.

B. ncecat and ncea now allow files to differ in record dimension size
   iff the requested (with -d start.,end.) record hyperslab resolves
   to the same size for all files.
   This allows easier gluing/averaging of unequal length timeseries
   from an ensemble of simulations (e.g., the IPCC AR4 archive).

C. ncap2 ( grows more powerful.
   ncap2 now accepts quoted variable names, e.g., 'HNO3-'
   Henry keeps adding features. See ~/nco/data/
   Once threading and for loops are done we'll document it all.

D. The "configure" install method now works for ncap2 on AIX
   Thanks to Martin Schutz for encouraging us to finish this.

E. Pre-built, up-to-date, Debian Sid binary packages are available.
   Debian/Ubuntu users may get them from
   Soon "apt-get install nco" will retrieve these versions.

F. We have built and distributing RPM packages with ncap2
   (Thanks to Harry Mangalam for installing an up-to-date Fedora
   system for us to build on).

F. We've recently presented two posters (AGU) and three talks (AMS and
   Opendap conf.) on NCO and the Server-side system now called SWAMP.
   NCO publications, extended abstracts, and posters are at:

Build/runtime changes:

1. Update to DAP for netCDF 3.6.2

2. Allow specification of ANTLR_INC to configure, improve AIX linkage

Charlie Zender, surname@xxxxxxx, Department of Earth System Science
3228 Croul Hall, UC Irvine, Irvine CA 92697-3100. (949) 824-2987 :)

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