Re: Announcement of resources for learning about netCDF

Russ Rew a écrit :
The intent in the design of the Java interface was to make it hard to
unintentionally invoke expensive operations that would move all the
data in the file.  The ability to add new attributes once the schema
for a file had already been defined and data written was omitted so
that users would be encouraged to define attributes up front before
writing data.  But as you've pointed out, this makes it impractical to
replace some existing C- or Fortran-based systems using Java.
I did not have a look at the Java API (but I'll have to soon) so maybe my
comment is not accurate but:
Making it hard is a quite good idea. But making it impossible is not one.
Modifying an attribute (like history) or adding others (like global ones
giving more informations about what can be found in the file) may be
expensive but necessary operations and they would be less expensive (in
time and space) than programmatically creating a clone of the file with
the wanted changes.
And it is not necessarily the one (in term of program) who creates the
file which have to modify it.

Ph. Poilbarbe
CLS - Space Oceanography Division

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