Re: Announcement of resources for learning about netCDF


In the APIs section of the new tutorial
it is stated that "The Java API is a complete implementation of netCDF in Java."

Unfortunately, as we found out when we tried to replace our C-based
Matlab-NetCDF interface with a Java version, this is not quite the
case -- the Java API lacks some of the basic features of the C &
Fortran interface, like the ability to put a file into redefine mode
to add or modify attributes or data.

I know that this is inefficient because the file often has to be
entirely rewritten, but this functionality is still a very useful part
of the NetCDF interface.

This type of "backwards compatibility" in the Java API would be
tremendously useful for us.

I'm wondering what the rest of the community thinks.

Richard P. Signell   (508) 457-2229
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