undefined reference using netcdf library

i an a new user to netcdf,unix,fortran so this will probably be easy to most
of you but i cant get to start using the netcdf interface.
when trying to compile i get the following massages:

yair@yairsuari:~/fortran/cdfdata$ ifort create.f90 -g -o create.o
/tmp/ifortmAdSAz.o: In function
`cdfcreate':/home/yair/fortran/cdfdata/create.f90:5: undefined reference to
/tmp/ifortmAdSAz.o: In function
`handle_err':/home/yair/fortran/cdfdata/create.f90:12: undefined reference
to `netcdf_mp_nf90_strerror_'

i am using ubuntu (debian based linux) on x86 machine and intel fortran
compiler 9.1

when googling around for this i saw a similar problem created when using a
different compiler for your programs and for the netcdf compilation but this
is not the case, i have always used intel.

please HELP

Yair Suari
Hamafteach 23 Michmoret Israel 40297
Phone-0528-524520, 09-8664245

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