Re: Large file issue

"Hathaway, Simon" <shathaw@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Ed,
> Thanks for the reply.  In answer to your questions: 
> The release that worked was 3.6.1-beta1.  I got it from the pre-built
> binaries page
> (  The 3.6.1
> full release did not work.  I have not yet tried the 3.6.2-beta release.
> Is there a pre-built 3.6.2-beta release available somewhere?
> As for the DLL_NETCDF symbol, it is being defined.
> Thanks for your help.
> Simon

OK, please stand by, I am testing the latest 3.6.2 beta on windows
this week. I will make sure large files are tested and working before
I release it.


Ed Hartnett  -- ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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