Re: NetCDF UTI's on Mac OS X

I wrote:

> I think there is a netCDF MIME type already in common use:
>   application/x-netcdf           nc
> If you Google
>   "mime types" netcdf
> you get about 36,000 hits, and they all seem to use the above.

but I hadn't read your email carefully enough.  I see you were
proposing two UTI's, one for general netCDF data and another for mass
spectrometry data following the ANDI conventions.  When you asked
about specific MIME types already in use, you were referring to the
ANDI data.

Like you, I don't know of any MIME types already in use for that.

Sorry about the misunderstanding ...



Russ Rew                                         UCAR Unidata Program

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