netCDF operators NCO version 3.1.5 are ready

The netCDF operators NCO version 3.1.5 are ready. (Homepage) (Homepage "mirror")

This release has new features only for ncap2. Henry Butowsky has added
vastly more powerful array support, definition and referencing of new
dimensions, and improved error messages, e.g.,

ncap2 -s 'defdim("x",64);x[x]=1.0;x(::2)=0'

Many more examples are in

Those interested in NCO internals might want to read two submitted
manuscripts which describe NCO and its scaling. These are at

Build/runtime changes:

1. Reduce severity from WARNING to INFO for some common operations
   Intended to lower user's blood pressure

2. Improve Pathscale pathcc/pathCC support (bld/Makefile and autoconf)

3. Improve PGI pgcc/pgCC support (bld/Makefile and autoconf)

4. Improve Intel icc/icpc support (bld/Makefile and autoconf)

5. Regression test/benchmark script ( improvements

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