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Dear Sir,

We are air quality modeling group at Rutgers University, New Jersey. We are processing emissions and running simulation models for our study of long range transport of Ozone and Particulate matter for our research and for regulatory work.

The netCDF library works great for us. However, I came across with one particular issue of netCDF and would like to discuss if there are any solution to this problem or something that can do to make its performance better. When we process emissions for our three dimensional grid of size (172 x 172 x 22) for 24 hours time period having hourly data, the file size is around 1 gigabyte(GB). There are several cells that have zero values and therefore the floating point value for pollutants in netCDF file has zero values. When we use gzip utility on unix to compress this files, the file size become almost 10 MB which saves us 99% of disk space. Now the question arise that if the netCDF is most compress scientific format, than is it possible to suppress this zero values of the floating point variable or is there any switch that can be used to handle zero values and reduce file size by any chance.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Nilesh Lahoti
Research Specialist
Rutgers University
Email: nilesh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phone: 732-445-1416

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