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Hello List,

I am using a program that uses netCDF libraries. The netcdf installation went well. When I run the program in a serial mode to read the netcdf file, it runs w/o any problems. When I use a parallel environment (MPI), it bails out with error: “Not a netCDF id”. I read something about file opening/shutting using SHUT and M3EXIT like calls. Is that what I need to use? Any other fixes for this problem? Here are the details of my environment:

Netcdf-3.6.1 compiled using intel ifort 8.0 and icc 8.0 on gnu linux Linux cholla-hn1 2.4.2 with i386



As far as I know, the netCDF library is not thread/multiprocess safe.
You cannot write a single file from multiple threads or processes or
the metadata (and the data) can be corrupted.

For reading only, it should work, but in MPI environment each occurence
of the program must open the file (there is no sharing of data). Maybe
your program opens the file only in the main instance and forget
to open it in the others letting the netCDF file id uninitialized.

For us we have programs reading the same file from up to 32 occurences
without any problem.

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