"Not a NetCDF file" & PV-Wave

Hello everybody.

I am working with PV-Wave v7.51 on LINUX. From PV-Wave I can read netCDF files created outside PV-Wave. However, I write netCDF files from PV-Wave that can be read by PV-Wave but not with the ncdump utility. I get the error "Not a netCDF file".

I have checked previous messages of this list and have tried to get information from everywhere on the Internet. If I understand correctly what I have read, PV-Wave embeds some HDF metadata in the netCDF files and that is the reason why these files cannot be read by ncdump.

I really need to create netCDF files that can be EASILY read by many other people who are not working with PV-Wave. Does somebody know a solution for this problem with PV-WAVE? Or should I just give up and switch from PV-Wave to other language (e.g. IDL, FORTRAN, ...) to produce "real netCDF files"?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.
C. Ordonez

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