compiling with pgCC

This is continuing the question about using Portland Group pgCC to compile netcdf_c++. I'm using netcdf-3.6.2-beta3. The warning that occurs is

  integer conversion resulted in a change of sign
  static const ncbyte ncBad_byte = NC_FILL_BYTE;

In the archives of 20030217, Russ said this was an error in PG versions
< 4.0.  However, I am getting it with version 6.0.  So, I dug around the
netcdf source, and I'm still confused.

in netcdf.h (showing line numbers)
65 #define NC_FILL_BYTE ((signed char)-127)

and in ncvalues.h (showing line numbers)
18 typedef unsigned char ncbyte;
35 static const ncbyte ncBad_byte = NC_FILL_BYTE;

It seems there is indeed an issue with signed versus unsigned char.  Am
I missing something?  And in the meantime, how safe am I to redefine
NC_FILL_BYTE to ((unsigned char)0) ?

I realize g++ works, but I want to use the PG profiler with my software
that links to libnetcdf_c++.


Rorik Peterson
Univ. Alaska, Fairbanks

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