Re: character dimensions, attribute lengths

My apologies, I didn't make this clear enough, or else I don't
exactly understand the answer. They are specifying dimensions
as a way to define the length of character attributes, not for data

Dimensions: time, dept, lat, long, string256, ... string4
Attributes: Name Definition Example DataType char DataType(STRING32); “Real-time” PLATFORM char PLATFORM (STRING8); "PIRATA"

Do you think it is reasonable to include these string dimensions in
the standard specification, when they are not dimensions of data

> I'm working on an implementation of NetCDF with a very varied
> group, and the issue of string lengths is a real problem for some
> of them. All our data is numeric; attributes are often char
> though.

 I believe this is the way to go for defining char arrays in netCDF-3.

 Of course, you don't need to define dimensions for attributes, so if
 you can put your string in an attribute, that may be easier.

Thanks again -
Nan Galbraith

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