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Regarding g2clib, I've been working with it and found its API reasonably easy to use for decoding, at least when compared to the ECMWF grib_api code. The grib_api code, however, does have a nice built-in parser for reading codetables and extracting information at runtime.

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I have used g2clib for GRIB2 files and it is really good. It has routines to write all 8 sections of a GRIB2 file, and also it has routines to decode a
GRIB2 file. The code is well documented too.

The library can be found at
http://oceanlab.rsmas.miami.edu/explorer/SEACOOS/v2/src/degrib/src/ grib2lib/g2clib-1.0.2/

Perhaps I'm missing something obvious (woudn't be the first time), but it seems that g2clib does not offer this capability (or does it, and I just don't see it?). In looking at other GRIB2 decoders that make use of g2clib, it seems that those developers had to write their own methods for parsing/extracting info from codetables. True? If so, is there anything folks can share (preferably C code -- I know of Jeff Whitaker's python work and the Java decoder) that, given the info extracted from g2clib's data structure about a GRIB2 file, can decode text-based codetables?
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