netCDF operators NCO version 3.1.2 are ready

Hi All,

The netCDF operators NCO version 3.1.2 are ready.
They contain an noteworthy bugfix for packed data, an important change
in behavior for ncea/ncra/ncwa, and significant new features in ncap2. (Homepage) (Homepage "mirror")

All previous NCO versions incorrectly stored non-processed packed data
incorrectly in the output file. This meant, for example, that a packed
non-record variable would be stored incorrectly after the whole file
was passed through ncra. Non-processed packed data is now stored
correctly. Thanks to Martin Dix for reporting this problem.

ncra, ncea, and ncwa used to process coordinate variables identically
to non-coordinate variables. This meant that if the user requested
minimization, the operator returned the minimum of all fields
with an output coordinate that would be the minimum of the coordinate
axis (which makes no sense). In all cases we could think of, it makes
more sense to average the coordinates, and apply the requested
arithmetic operations (min,max,avg,sdn,rms, etc.) to the
non-coordinate fields. We've changed to this behavior.

ncap2 is the successor to ncap. Henry Butowsky's work to address some
of the arithmetic limitations of ncap is beginning to pay off.
ncap2 now handles array syntax, if/then constructs and much more.
ncap2 is still a bit alpha, but ready to be tested for functionality.
The sample script nco/data/ demonstrates its features.

0. Store non-processed packed data correctly.

1. Work when only one variable has missing_value in binary operators

2. Support netcdf4-alpha13

3. ncap2 development code in nco/src/nco++ (Henry Butowsky)

4. Server-side extensions (Daniel Wang)

5. Fixed some benchmark/regression problems over DAP (Harry Mangalam)

6. Automatically configure/build nco++ directory (Harry Mangalam)

7. Regression tests & benchmarks work with server-side extensions (HM/DW)

8. ncra/ncea/ncwa now _always_ average coordinate variables

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