netcdf/perl interface and CHAR variables

Hey Folks,

I actually asked this question about 10 years ago and saw my reply/answer on the web, but I need something more exact.

I'm using the latest netCDF/Perl interface and it works great, except for one thing: writing CHAR variables.

Say I have this:                @array = qw ( dog bunny goat);

and I'd like to to this:

                NetCDF::varput($ncid, $varid_pets,      \@start, 
\@count,\@array );

Of course this doesn't work. NetCDF treats strings as arrays, and Perl treats them as scalars. So, what *exact* codelet would I need to get this ncdump partial result?:

        pets = 'dog', 'bunny', 'goat';

-Steve Diggs

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