Problem compiling with netcdf V3.6.1


There is a problem compiling with V3.6.1 library (not the library but when using it):

NetCDF: v3.6.1
Compiler: GCC 3.2.2
System: Linux (Redhat 9)

When we compile do this:

#include <string.h>
#include "netcdf.h"

We have a warning message: «declaration of "index" shadows a global declaration» (translated into english by myself since we have messages in french). The involved lines are 509 and 512 of netcdf.h, the new functions net_get_var1 and nc_put_var1. "index" is a formal parameter and this should not happen (and in gcc V4.0 it does not happen), so it seems to be a gcc bug.

We use "-Wall" and "-Werror" flags of gcc so it breaks any compilation of our programs (these gcc flags and the order string.h->netcdf.h is mandatory for us as imposed by our quality management).

So we keep the V3.6.0-p1 version of netcdf (which does not have these functions).

This is not a request for a change, just for information.

Ph. Poilbarbe.

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