Re: NetCDF library in Universal Binary for Mac OS X

Small addition:

On 1/25/06, Johan Kool <johankool@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> From what I understand from the whole matter now, is that if the
> LDFLAGS aren't set as Apple suggest, netcdf would compile.
> I just checked, and indeed, if I don't set the LDFLAGS, netcdf
> compiles for both Intel and PPC.

Well... except of course that it doesn't work correctly on PPC for
some reason as I described in an earlier e-mail. For now Williams
instructions are the way to go.

I guess that it isn't trivial to figure out wether the universal
rootkit is present during configure. It would suggest to compile for
PPC only by default as it is now. If it is an Intel Mac, I think the
system libraries are all universal, so it is much safer to go and
configure for universal binaires.