Re: anyone care to recomend a GRIB C library? (fwd)

I have liked very much the wgrib program by Wesley Ebisuzaky for reading 
grib1 messages, so I have written a simple "wrapper" around that code to 
be used as a library in some of my C programs.
My code is GPL and Wesley code is in public domain.
As the library is used only internally at our lab, I attach the code to 
this e-mail.
External interfaces are listed in grib.h, and at the end of grib.c a 
simple example "printout the grib" code is included.
The code has been written mainly to read lat/lon data from global model 
runs, so there is not too much interface to other projections and suffer 
by all the limitations herited from wgrib.
Feel free to use this code as You like.

I have written a more complete interface to grib, but in C++, based on the 
same "Ebisuzaki" codebase. I add to the e-mail also this piece of code, 
but it is an overshoot (but is Ok to write GRIB files ;-))


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