On Friday 13 January 2006 10:23 am, Ed Hartnett wrote:
> You certainly will need if you want to use the Fortran API.
> I am not familiar with the debian distribution package. You could get
> the latest netCDF from the web site, and it will (most probably) build
> for you without problems.
> I would wonder if the file is missing, is something else
> missing?

Here's a long-winded solution that ends up giving you a debian
distribution package for netcdf with fortran support.  Worked 
on my kubuntu laptop last night, anyway.

1.  In your home directory, create a "rpm" directory, and populate it
    with subdirectories BUILD, RPMS/x86_64, SOURCES, SPECS, SRPMS, 
    and tmp

2.  Create the file ${HOME}/.rpmmacros.  It should look something

%_topdir               /path/to/rpm
%_tmppath              /path/to/rpm/tmp

%_rpmfilename  %%{NAME}-%%{VERSION}-%%{RELEASE}.%%{ARCH}.rpm

    where "/path/to" is replaced by what you did in step 1.
    And you might not need that last line (having trouble 
    remembering if I had to put in that last line or not, 
    it sucks to get old...)

3.  Get a netcdf source rpm.  I used one at

4.  Install the source rpm with the command 

        rpm -ivh

5.  Rebuild the rpm by cd-ing into /path/to/rpm/SPECS and issuing
    the command

        rpmbuild -bb netcdf.spec

    If you use another source rpm, you should watch the build process
    to make sure that fortran support is actually being compiled.  If
    it isn't, you'll have to edit the spec file.  
    The rebuild process should result in an rpm being deposited in

6.  Convert the rpm into a debian package with the "alien" 


7.  Install the debian package with dpkg

        dpkg -i "path-to-netcdf-deb" should then be in /usr/include

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