Re: V2 API needed for C++ interface

Philippe Poilbarbe <Philippe.Poilbarbe@xxxxxx> writes:

> Hello,
> I did try to compile the netcdf library without the V2 api (due to
> name conflicts) and wanted to use the C++ objects.
> Unfortunately the C++ objets (ncvalues.h, netcdfcpp.h, netcdf.cpp)
> uses definitions and routines belonging to the V2 api.

Yes, the C++ API was written in the V2 API.

> Is it planning to migrate the source code or will it disapear in NetCDF V4?

There are long term plans to re-write the C++ API, however that task
is currently unfunded, and off the end of our schedule. In other
words, we would like to but we don't have the resources.

The C++ API *will* continue to be supported in netCDF-4.

What will disappear in netCDF-4 is the ability to build without the V2
interface. So your name conflicts are going to be a problem.

The reason is that netCDF-4 relies on some of the V2 functions.



Ed Hartnett  -- ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx