NetCDF to ASCII text file conversion for Windows

We have a large number of NetCDF oceanographic (ADCP) data files we would like to forward to non-netCDF users for analysis. Most of this analysis work is done on Windows machines. We are looking for NetCDF-to-ASCII text file conversion utilities so these folks can convert the ADCP files to ASCII text files for input into their own analysis routines. The NCDUMP.EXE program works OK, but the formats are abit difficult; we wondered if anyone out there has additional programs available, or knows about other sources, to perform this task. We've played around with NCBROWSE and WebWinds. Ideally, we'd want a program (runs from a DOS prompt) that reads the NetCDF file and writes (selected) variables to a text file in a format perhaps similar to RDI's BBList output application. Know what I mean?


Jon Wood