Change of address

The USDA has finally gotten a department wide
internet access.  As a result of this, our agency
has received internet addresses.  I no longer 
have to log on to a remote site at 2400 baud
but instead can receive mail directly to my
host machine.  Would you please change (yet again)
my address to jhudd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

We have been closely following the netCDF
mail and other information.  The Soil Conservation
Service (SCS) has begun to implement netCDF 
for storage of climatic data and other natural
resource information.  The climatic data is NCDC's
TD-3200 format.  SCS worked with NCDC to clean
up this dataset and it is the only online dataset
of its type for daily and monthly climatic data.
The system can be accessed through modem now
but will soon have internet access. Call 503-
326-4098 for information on access to the CDBS
system in Portland.

I am working with the SCS' Climatic Data Access
Facility in Portland, Oregon to transition their
climate data base from a custom built structure
to a netCDF based system.  The design (of both)
and the transition will be the subject of a paper
I will be presenting in April, 94 to the Western
Snow Conference.

John Huddleston
National Information Systems Division
USDA Soil Conservation Service
2625 Redwing Rd, #110
Fort Collins, CO 80526

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