Working with DEC Alpha - public machines on Internet

For those of you who'd like to test drive an Alpha AXP system over 
Internet, there is a system on the net you can use.

Here are the instructions for usage.

Rich Lysakowski

Subj:   alpha on internet - for testing and playing

        As a service to the Internet community, Digital has provided on-line
        Alphas.  One DEC 4000 AXP system (Internet address:
        or is running the DEC OSF/1 for AXP V1.3 UNIX operating
        system.  The other AXP system (Internet address: or is running the OpenVMS AXP V1.5 operating system.  These
        systems can be reached either via telnet or rlogin. To register for
        an account, Internet users connect to the desired machine, log in as
        Users are asked to read all information in the motd/login banner and
        comply with all rules for machine usage/restrictions.   Questions
        about accounts should send mail to root@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for the
        DEC OSF/1 for AXP system and to system@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for the
        OpenVMS AXP system.

You also might want to contact gary lidington@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) to get some 
of the business cards that have this info printed on it.  

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