Re: Using Unidata's gopher for netCDF information


I wrote:

> At this point you are presented with the following menu (which may appear
> somewhat differently with various gopher clients):
>         About Network Common Data Form Information
>   <idx> netcdfgroup@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Email Archive
>   <idx> netCDF, ncopers, and Related Support Inquiries
>   <idx> netCDF Distribution (tar.Z)
>   <idx> netCDF Guide (ps.Z)
>         Frequently Asked Questions About NetCDF
>         netCDF (network Common Data Form)
> The second item points to a WAIS index of replies to questions about netCDF
> and related software.  When you select it, you will be asked for words to
> use for searching...

By "the second item" I meant the item 

   <idx> netCDF, ncopers, and Related Support Inquiries

which is really the third item, unless you count from zero :-).  Sorry about
the confusion.


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