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> Organization: Dow Chemical Company
> Keywords: 199311301807.AA06540

Hi Dave,

> I just read the ANDI News letter from the Analytical Instrument
> Association.  They report that a new version of netCDF, version 2.3.2, is
> available.  I note that the DEC Alpha OSF/1 V1.2 is supported, but that
> the DEC Alpha openVMS V1.5 was not listed.  Is that operating system also
> supported?

No, we currently don't have access to a DEC Alpha openVMS platform.  That
would be the first prerequisite to porting it.  Maybe there is an openVMS
programmer out there who would be willing to try the files provided
for building netCDF under VMS and see if anything breaks?

Russ Rew                     University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
russ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                         P.O. Box 3000
Unidata Program                        Boulder, Colorado 80307-3000

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