problems compiling on Alpha/OpenVMS 1.5 - anyone got it error-free yet?

Subject: OpenVMS XDR problem - have you compiled on OpenVMS/Alpha yet? 

I don't know what the correct changes to xdrfloat.c should be.  Have you 
made the changes yet?  Before I go diggin into the bowels of Engineering to 
solve this one, I just wanted to check with you first.



From:   US3RMC::"DOUG@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx      " "DOUG" 14-Oct-93 21:06
To:     mr4dec::LAX::lysakowski
Subj:   Problem with XDR on Alpha under OpenVMS

Hi Rich,

Thanks for your speedy reply.  We checked, and our XDR routines are current
with what is on Internet.  And we are working under OpenVMS (V1.5).  To be
a bit more specific about what I tried, I modified the xdrfloat.c program
(which has a date in it's header of 87/11/04) to change the 
   #ifdef vax    to   #if defined(vax) || defined(__ALPHA)     and
   #ifndef vax   to   #if !defined(vax) || !defined(__ALPHA)

When I attempt to compile this, I get the following compiler crash:

%GEM-F-ASSERTION, An invalid buffer length was specified
%TRACE-F-TRACEBACK, symbolic stack dump follows
 Image Name   Module Name     Routine Name    Line Number  rel PC      abs PC
 DECC$COMPILE GEM_ST_IV       GEM_ST_STORE_BU         541 00000530    00218C20
 DECC$COMPILE GEMC_ME_STATIC_ add_constant_in       19579 000006F0    00153450
 DECC$COMPILE INITIAL         interpret_sourc       15111 00002744    0011C924
 DECC$COMPILE DECLARE         interpret_sourc       17870 00004354    00119BE4
 DECC$COMPILE FE_MASTER       fe_master             14461 00000394    000F6524
 DECC$COMPILE GEMC_COMPILE    gem_xx_compile        26094 00000310    000E0310
 DECC$COMPILE GEM_CP_VMS      GEM_CP_MAIN            1502 00000F10    001885B0
                                                        0 85EFA8F0    85EFA8F0

I guess the xdrfloat.c routine may be ok (the single precision real number
format is the same between the VAX and AXP)--but unless we can compile it
we can't try it!  You mentioned you have someone a Digital who might be able
to shed some light on this?  Thanks.


>From owner-netcdfgroup@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  18 Tue, 1991 Jun 20:22:26
Date:  Tue, 18 Jun 1991 20:22:26 -0700
From: stew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Stewart Levin)
To: dwf@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: netcdf on convex
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1991 21:20:53 -0600
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Message-Id:  <9106190322.AA01106@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: netcdfgroup@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Fiddled around a bit with the Makefile's and include files last night.
CFLAGS=-g -std -D_POSIX_SOURCE -D_CONVEX_SOURCE   were needed and
I had to modify a few #include incantations.  Also some places where
#ifdef convex  were used, I added __convex__, too.   float infinity fill
values pulled from <float.h>.  Perhaps one or two other minor things.
link flags were -lrpd into pointer to double and pointer to union containers.

Can someone try this out? I'm willing to help.

hough not the
supplied routines).  nctest got past the initial error you ran into, but
fails in the attrget test  retrieving -4.5 ... instead of 4.5 ...

-- stew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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