subscript ranges

Is there some existing practice that I could consider adopting for
specifying the lower and upper subscript limits of a dimension?

netCDF says all subscript ranges are 1:n for Fortran, 0:n-1 for C.
However, several languages allow one to declare, e.g. Dow_Jones(1982:1987).
I have been using attributes, e.g. for field Ex declared "real ex(0:50,0:90)":

        xg = 51, yg = 91;       // logically, (0:50), (0:90)
        float Ex(yg, xg) ;      // subscript order per C, not fortran.
                Ex:dims = 0, 50, 0, 90 ;  // indicates (0:50,0:90)

If I could put an attribute on dimension xg, I could use add_offset, say.
Anyway, we are soon to adopt some convention in new software that will be
used by other people.  This seems a good time to ask what convention other
people have cobbled together for this functionality.
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