A: Get/Put Record Handling Capability in netCDF - who's using it?

I got zero response to this request for information.  

Does that mean that noone is uing the new Record Handling capability 
in netCDF?    Or are people just too busy using it and don't have time to 


From:   MR4DEC::LYSAKOWSKI   "Intelligent Scientific Solutions Architect"  
2-Sep-93 00:55
To:     NM%DECWRL::"NETCDFGROUP@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
Subj:   ? Use of new record get/put feature in netCDF 2.3.2

I'd like to know how people are using the new record get/put functions in 
netCDF V2.3.2.  Are you able to store collections of arrays that way?  

What I'm interested in knowing is if we can call an entire mass spectrum 
or infrared spectrum (with associated variables) one record within a 
long sequence of spectra (perhaps 1000 or more spectral runs).  

Do all variables in the same position in a record have to be the same length?  

Can we reserve the unlimited dimension variable for the record identifier?   

On the surface, this new record functionality appears to solve many of the 
limitations of netCDF in handling logical "tables" of heterogeneous numbers.
However, I need to look at people actual experiences with this feature and 
how people are applying it. 

Any data and experiences you can share with me will be most helpful.


Rich Lysakowski

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