netCDF future directions

G'Day folks

Maybe people would be willing to give me their impressions on some ideas. 
There are two key ideas I have been playing with namely Domains and Structures. 
By a Domain I mean some kind of tagging in netCDF to indicate that the data 
is applicable to a particular domain (eg CAD. Vision, Time-series, etc..). My 
routines for analysing time-series are not able to take advantage of data in a
form suitable for CAD/CAM, or images or etc.. If there was such a tag, 
applications could automatically decide whether the data in a netCDF file is 
relevant to them. This would allow a more object oriented approach and save
on development time for applications. The other idea was to have C-like 
structures within a netCDF file where each leaf could be tagged separately and 
the data can remain grouped. It can be an addition to netCDF as opposed to
a replacement of current status. If anyone has somehow implemented structures
I would sure be interested in hearing about it.

        best regards
                Ata <(|)>.

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