Re: NetCDF on a Mac

A week ago I wrote:

> If someone were to donate a Mac port, we would make it available via
> anonymous FTP ...

Thanks to Shengping Ma and PE-SCIEX, we are making available a port of the
latest version (2.3.2) of the XDR and netCDF libraries for the Macintosh
(compiled with THINK C 6.0 for System 7).  The `ncdump' and `ncgen' programs
are not in this port, only the libraries.  The modified sources and compiled
object libraries are available via anonymous FTP from:

        file:   pub/netcdf/mac/netcdflibs-2.3.2.tar.Z

Please note: PE-SCIEX does not intend to formally support this or other
versions of the netCDF library.  This port is supplied "as is".

Russ Rew                                        Unidata Program Center
russ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                           UCAR, PO Box 3000
                                                Boulder, CO 80307-3000

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