Mac port of netCDF

According to Chris Houck at NCSA, the final version of HDF 3.3 to be
released in a few weeks will support the full netCDF/HDF interface on the
Macintosh.  I have been using the HDF 3.3 Beta version(s) on a SGI Indigo
for a few months for all my netCDF work and have had no major problems. 
Chris promptly fixed the couple of bugs I notified him about.  I believe
HDF 3.3 supports netCDF 2.3.1.


Liam E. Gumley                         | Phone   : (301) 286-8789
NASA/GSFC Climate and Radiation Branch | Fax     : (301) 286-4804
Greenbelt MD 20771, USA                | Internet: gumley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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