NetCDF on a Mac

>I don't think *anybody's* maintaining the Mac port at this point.

On the subject of netCDF on the Mac:

Research Systems Inc. (RSI) is planning to release a Mac version of IDL
(Interactive Data Language) in the near future.  The current version of IDL
for Unix workstations (I'm not sure about the VMS version) has a very nice
netCDF interface built in (as well as HDF and CDF).  If you haven't tried
it, I highly recommend it.  The Mac version of IDL will not contain the
netCDF interface, because the Mac is not officially supported by UNIDATA. 
So how about it, can UNIDATA adopt someone's Mac port and make it official?

I know Russ - just what you need!  Something else to do!

Ken Bowman
Dr. Kenneth P. Bowman                          409-862-4060
Climate System Research Program                409-862-4132 fax
Department of Meteorology                      bowman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Texas A&M University                           PP-Glider
College Station, TX   77843-3150

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