Re: NetCDF Current Applications

>In order to update the answer to the frequently-asked-question of how widely
>netCDF is used, I'm requesting brief descriptions of current uses for netCDF
>and especially of any institutional decisions to use or support netCDF for
>particular projects or data archives.

Hi Russ,

I hope it's not too late to respond to your request for information on
current uses of netCDF. Here's my input:

Visualogic, Inc. (Bellevue WA, dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) is the developer of
Dicer, a scientific data visualization tool for the Macintosh. Dicer
recognizes and reads netCDF format files, in addition to HDF and generic
binary array formats. Although Dicer is designed primarily for the visual
inspection and analysis of volumetric data, it also provides data file
translation, resampling, and reformating functions for netCDF and HDF
files. Dicer is published and marketed by Spyglass, Inc., Savoy IL

Dave Lucas
Northwest Research Associates, Inc.
Visualogic, Inc.
(206) 453-8141
dave@xxxxxxxx (AppleLink: D1974)

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