Re: NetCDF Digest - Vol 1 : Issue 66

>Subject: list of netCDF users
>From:    torbert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Karen Torbert)
>To:      netcdfgroup@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Date:    Mon, 14 Jun 93 20:27:49 GMT
>I understand there is a list of email addresses of people who
>are interested in netCDF.  If there is such a list, please
>send it to me at torbert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Thank you 
>Karin Torbert

I don't think it is appropriate for UNIDATA to provide its mailing lists
for the asking.  It would be better for her to send a message to the
mailing list explaining why she wants to know who uses netCDF and asking
interested users to reply.

Ken Bowman
Dr. Kenneth P. Bowman                          409-862-4060
Climate System Research Program                409-862-4132 fax
Department of Meteorology                      bowman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX   77843-3150

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