C_format with scaled data

I am having trouble with the new version of ncdump crashing due to its
use of C_format (e.g. "%7.2f") with raw data of type short. I assumed
that C_format applied to the floating point value produced by
muliplying by scale_factor and then adding add_offset.

Should attribute C_format apply to the scaled or unscaled value/type?

Would it be possible to provide either or both of the following new options
in ncdump?
1. An option to over-ride format specified by C_format
2. An option to apply scaling specified by scale_factor and add_offset.

I note mention of proposed new attributes _Scale and _Offset on page 12
of new version of netCDF User's Guide. I guess these will provide a more
elegent solution to the problem.

Harvey Davies,
CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research,    Voice: +61 3 586 7574
Private Bag No. 1, Mordialloc,               Fax: +61 3 586 7600
Victoria 3195,  Australia               Internet: hld@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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