Computers in Physics article


There is an article in the latest issue of Computers in Physics (in Paul
Dubois' Scientific Programming department) that may be of interest to
members of this mailing list:

  "Software for Portable Scientific Data Management" by Stewart A. Brown,
  Mike Folk, Gregory Goucher, and Russ Rew, Computers in Physics, Vol. 7,
  No. 3, May/June 1993, pp. 304-308.

The article introduces the notion of portable scientific data, offers a
comparison of four packages (CDF, HDF, netCDF, and PDB), briefly describes
what is unique about each package and how the packages differ, and provides
some references for further reading or for obtaining the software via FTP.

In case your library doesn't get Computers in Physics, it is published by
tha American Institute of Physics and requests for subscriptions or
single-copy orders may be addressed to

        American Institute of Physics
        S/F Division
        500 Sunnyside Blvd.
        Wodbury, NY 11797

Russ Rew                                        Unidata Program Center
russ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                           UCAR, PO Box 3000
                                                Boulder, CO 80307-3000

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