netcdf 2.3.1 supports some new platforms


This is to announce a minor upgrade to netCDF that has a few portability
improvements to support additional platforms and an important fix for
building under VMS.  Version 2.3.1 has been built and tested successfully on
the following platforms:

        DEC Alpha         OSF/1 1.2
        DEC VAX           Ultrix 4.3
        NeXT              NeXTOS 3.0

in addition to the other platforms that netCDF 2.3 already supports:

        CRAY Y-MP         UNICOS 6.1.6
        DEC VAX           VMS 5.5-2
        DECstation 3000   Ultrix 4.3
        HP-9000/7xx       HPUX 9.0
        IBM PS/2          MSDOS 5.0
        IBM PS/2          OS/2 1.2
        IBM RS-6000       AIX 3.2
        SGI Iris          IRIX 4.0.5F
        SPARCstation      Solaris 2.1
        SPARCstation      SunOS 4.1.3

The previous version (2.3) seemed to build and test correctly on VMS, but
the resulting library produced files of the wrong `endianness' for
interoperability with other systems; this is fixed in the 2.3.1 upgrade, or
if you applied the patch sent in a previous message to this group.  In
addition, a test for `endianness' is now part of the adaptive process of
configuring Makefiles.

A few other minor changes improve some makefiles to support command-line
redefinitions, provide a `which' script for systems that don't have one
(e.g.  UNICOS), provide a fix to the ncgen Makefile for Ultrix platforms,
and provide an updated version of the Microsoft FORTRAN interface files that
includes the four new Fortran subroutines added to netCDF 2.3.

The new version is available via anonymous FTP from pub/netcdf/netcdf.tar.Z
on the host  It is not necessary to get version 2.3.1 if
you have already installed version 2.3 and it works on the platforms on
which you installed it, since the 2.3.1 changes are for portability and
additional platform support.  If, however, you have built version 2.3 and
want to update your source tree to version 2.3.1 without getting the whole
distribution, there is a patch file available: pub/netcdf/2.3-2.3.1.diff.Z.

As usual, please send bug reports and specific questions not of general
interest to the group to support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Russ Rew                                        Unidata Program Center
russ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                           UCAR, PO Box 3000
                                                Boulder, CO 80307-3000

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