Need help installing netcdf on SUN

I am trying (rather unsuccessfully) to install netcdf on a Sparc10 running
SunOS 4.1.3. The only changes to the Makefile are as follows:

  LIBTYPE = sharable
  OS = sunos_4.1.3
However, when I type the command
  make all
I get the following errors:

---Testing ncredf, ncncdren, ncvren, ncaren, ncendf ...
ncendef: reanem failed: Cross-device link
error in ncdinq or      ncddef, dsize= 0
error in ncdinq or      ncddef, dname=lat
error in ncvinq or      ncvdef
error in ncanam      or ncapt
---Testing ncacpy ...
error in ncagt G
error in        ncagt CHAR N
---Testing ncadel ...
ncendef: rename failed: Cross-device link
*** Segmentation violation = signal 11 code 3

and the make fails. 
Please send email to me at
Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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