point'n click software handling NetCDF?

Dear netcdfers,

I  am asking  if  there   is any  existing (hopefully  publicly
available) point  and  click  software  handling  NetCDF files?
I'am thinking of  a  program that: (1) obtains descriptive info
from   NetCDF    files,  such  as the number,  name, dimension,
dimension-name of  variables, scale  values; (2)  could perform
various  netcdf  operations on   variables and  complete NetCDF
files   (hyperslabs,  sampling,  catenations,   etc...).    All
everything   in  a point'an  click   manner,  perhaps  based on
X-Window.  How about this?

Gabor Fichtinger, PhD
Scientific Visualization Group,         |campus: BRC.CMS.1-154, 78700 
Center for High Performance Computing   |email : gabor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The University of Texas System          |Ph/1  : (512) 471 2409
Balcones Research Center, 1.154 CMS     |Ph/2  : 1-800-262-2472/2409
10100 Burnet Road, Austin, TX,78758-4497|Fax   : (512) 471 2445 
             __o             -\<,
            -\<,  __________O / O
___________O / O                        

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