Re: ISO Standard for date/time

>Date: Thu, 25 Mar 93 09:31:41 -0700 
>From: "Unidata User Support" <support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: netcdfgroup@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: ISO Standard for date/time 

In the above message you wrote:

>ISO may have revised it recently to take fractions of seconds into 
>account.  What they've done for UDUNITS looks pretty close to ISO, but it 
>doesn't comply with the international standard.  For something as universal 
>as date/time stamp this compliance is pretty important.  Anyone know why 
>the ISO standard wasn't used?

Because I didn't have a copy of the Standard.  :-(

The parsing of time strings is based on yacc(1) and lex(1), so it's easy to
modify.  Can you send me the ISO grammar?

Steve Emmerson   <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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