NCOPERS on DECstation

I am trying to build the NetCDF operators on a DECstation 5000.
The compiling system returned the following.

making `all' in /tmp/unidata/sdm/ncopers/doc

returning to /tmp/unidata/sdm/ncopers

making `all' in /tmp/unidata/sdm/ncopers/lib
cc -c -O -Olimit 1000 -I../lib -I../../netcdf/src 
-I/tmp/unidata/include/udposix/cc -I/tmp/unidata/include history.c -o 
ccom: Error: /tmp/unidata/include/udalloc.h, line 13: syntax error
      UD_EXTERN_FUNC(VOIDP      udmalloc,       (size_t nbytes));
ccom: Error: /tmp/unidata/include/strbuf.h, line 40: syntax error
          UD_EXTERN_FUNC(Strbuf *sbnew,    (size_t max));
ccom: Error: /tmp/unidata/include/linklist.h, line 37: syntax error
          UD_EXTERN_FUNC(Linklist *llnew,   (void));
ccom: Warning:  , line 53: "static" is an invalid storage type in this 
      static char       *cmdline[32];
ccom: Error:  , line 53: declared argument cmdline is missing
      static char       *cmdline[32];

Many more errors followed.  Can anyone suggest what to do?

  William Weibel                |  UCLA Department of Atmospheric Sciences
  weibel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx         |       Los Angeles, CA  90024-1565
  Tel. (310)206-4441            |               U.S.A.  
  Fax  (310)206-5219            |

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