Appending to netCDF (Prologue)

In my earlier message I wrote:

>I would like to add data to a netCDF file one record at a time. The reason
>is I have data files containing many Megabytes of data records. Storing the 
>data in an array before writing into a netCDF file is not feasible. Is there 
>a simple way to do this ? I read in the User's Guide that only one variable
>can have unlimited dimension. In this case I am forced to find out the number
>of records in order to set the dimensions of the data. This is also very
>cumbersome. Is there a way around this ? I know netCDF data is meant to be 
>appendable (-->FAQ) and I have looked in the Users' Guide but there is no 
>mention of "append" in the index. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

I am sorry for any confusion. I should have stated the problem clearly.
I have data along an orbit, ie Time, X, Y, Z, and I wished to append 
data as I get it. I received a lot of RTFM replies, but fortunately a 
very comprehensive reply from Dr Carlie Coats at NCSC who somehow managed 
to understand what I needed. Many thanks to all who responded. My apologese
for wasting your time, and bandwidth.

        best regards
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