netcdf libraries for msdos, non-floating point


>  We want to use netcdf on a laptop running DOS 5.0, which doesn't
>have a math coprocessor. Our 486 with the compiler and source has
>been shipped away, so we don't have a way of compiling it..
>I was wondering if there is a precompiled version of everything in
>the pub/netcdf/msdos directory of unidata@xxxxxxxx that does not
>require a math coprosessor somewhere. This would be ncdump, ncgen,
>and the netcdf libraries. An ftp site would be ideal; we also have
>access to modem lines.

  If anyone has this, I would appreciate it if you would contact me.

        Tony Darugar,
        C4, Scripps Research Institute
        (619) 534-6142

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