Re: netCDF on Apollo DN4500

> Does anyone have any helpfull hints on how to build netCDF on an
> Apollo DN4500 under the BSD unix flavor of Domain OS ?
> I ported some large C and FORTRAN applications from the Sun to the
> Apollo long ago and far away and remember quite a few non-standard
> (compared to Sun, SGI, IBM AIX, ULTRIX) flags to the C and Fortran
> compiler were necessary to get reasonable results
> Many thanks in advance for any suggestions received.
> alex
> Alex Macur
> New Methods Research Inc
> 6035 Corporate Drive
> East Syracuse NY 13057
> 315 437 7500 (fone)
> 315 437 1836 (fax)
> uupsi!!alex e-mail

We have version 2.2 of netCDF up and running under Domain OS 10.4.  The changes
required were rather minimal - in the Makefiles and creating a couple files
in the fortran subdirectory.  I could send you the changes if you like.

Larry Oolman
Department of Atmospheric Science
University of Wyoming