Include files

Some fill values defined in fortran include file differ from
those in C include file netcdf.h
      parameter(FILBYTE = 128)
      parameter(FILSHORT = 32768)
      parameter(FILLONG = -2147483648)

#define FILL_BYTE       ((char)-127)            /* Largest Negative value */
#define FILL_SHORT      ((short)-32767)
#define FILL_LONG       ((long)-2147483647)

The values in netcdf.h appear to be correct. All three values in
are silly. The max. value for a byte is 127, while the max for a short is
32767. Thus the values for FILBYTE & FILSHORT are impossible! The min. for
a long is -2147483648, but some software has trouble with this number 
because its magnitude exceeds that of the max. 2147483647. So it is safer to
use -2147483647 as FILLONG.

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