Re: NetCDF Digest - Vol 1 : Issue 20

On Tue, 22 Dec 1992, Russ Rew wrote:

> NetCDF Group Digest   Tuesday, 22 Dec 1992
>               Volume 1 : Issue 20
> Subject: Answers to netCDF Questions
> 5:  What is the connection between netCDF and CDF?
> A:  CDF was developed ...
>     ...  Though both formats make use of
>     the same conventional file extension (".cdf"), there is no compatibility
>     between data in CDF and netCDF form

We use both netCDF and CDF and it would be convenient to distinguish
between them using different conventional file extensions.  I propose
defining a new recommended file extension for netCDF.  I suggest ".nc".

ncgen appends the ".cdf" extension if "-o outputfile" is not specified.
This appears to be the only place where ".cdf" is built into the
standard netCDF software. I suggest a new flag (say -N) similar to -n,
except that it would generate the new default file extension. Note that
-n would be retained for compatibility and would still produce ".cdf".

It would be necessary to modify the "NetCDF User's Guide". I suggest it
should mention both the new recommended extension & the old obsolete

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