[netcdf-java] bufr files

I have 7 sample .bufr files from a colleague. One is attached.
For each, I am unable to open the file with either
NetcdfDatasets.openDataset(fileName) or NetcdfFiles.open(fileName) in
netcdf-java 5.2.
In both cases, the error message is
  java.io.IOException: No data messages in the file=
 at ucar.nc2.iosp.bufr.BufrIosp2.build(BufrIosp2.java:74)

Is there something I should do differently?
Or, is there something you can do to netcdf-java to make it so these files
are readable?

Thank you.

Attachment: temp_20210824133030_IUSK11_AMMC_241200.bufr
Description: Binary data

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