[netcdf-java] Hiring THREDDS developer

The Unidata Program Center is hiring! We are looking for a scientific
software developer to join our THREDDS development team in creating and
maintaining software and data services to support the geosciences. These
projects include netCDF-Java, the THREDDS Data Server, and the Siphon
python package.

You can read more about the position on the Unidata blog
and find the official posting here

We're casting a wide net for this position, hoping to find someone to join
our team who shares our commitment to serving the geoscience education and
research community. Feel free to share this posting among your connections
and anyone interested in scientific software development!


Hailey Johnson (she/her)
Software Engineer | THREDDS Developer
Unidata | UCAR Community Programs (UCP)
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