[netcdf-java] Unidata community survey

Hello THREDDS and netCDF-Java users!

Unidata is looking for feedback on both existing services and future
directions for the program, via the 2021 Unidata Users Committee Community
Survey <https://bit.ly/2021UnidataSurvey>.

As a community-governed program, Unidata depends on guidance and feedback
from current and prospective users in the atmospheric and geoscience
community. Your ideas will help inform Unidata's path forward; your
participation is much appreciated.

The questionnaire touches on a wide range of Unidata topics, but it's
designed so that you can easily bypass sections for which you have no
comments. All questions are optional, and you can remain anonymous if you
wish. We estimate that most people will need less than 15 minutes to
complete the survey.

You can add your comments to the survey until *October 22, 2021*.

Thank you,

The THREDDS development team and Unidata Program Center Staff
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